My own flower shop? No, this is not for me. Although...


I buy flowers regularly, but their choice, combinations and colours have always been beyond me. So I always went to the florist with the same brief: "A nice flower for a holiday/birthday/... for XXX EUR, thank you." Plain and simple.

That's exactly how it worked in my favourite florist in the centre of Brno. I called in advance and picked up the flower in an hour. Always liked it!

I was even more surprised when I tried shopping elsewhere one morning. Hello, I say my learned phrase and that I am slightly pressed for time. The lady nods, opens the cooler and pulls out the first vase. Then a second, a third, a fourth, then a fifth... She doesn't stop. My mind goes "What the hell is she doing, I wanted a flower for fifteen euros, not three hundred." Oh, yeah, she wasn't picking out flowers for a bouquet, she was setting up shop. After fifteen minutes, I walk away, slightly grumpy. With an ugly flower. Seriously, it wasn't pretty.

It's not supposed to be like this, I'm sure I could have done better.

I don't know who heard it up there, but in a week or so I hear that the owner of my flower shop is moving to Slovakia and selling her shop. "Nooo, this is not for me," I think to myself. Although... I've always wanted to do something nice that makes people happy. And this was the perfect opportunity. I started talking about the idea as I walked, until my friends laughed at me for becoming Mr. Flowers.

And they were right. Word got around, and as of January 2022, I'm running the flower shop.

But don't worry, I'm not alone. I've got a great team who will make you a flower guaranteed to please every time - even including one of the original cards we make ourselves. With love and without waiting, because making the whole flower selection process easy and enjoyable is exactly what I've always been looking for.

That's the kind of service I want to offer to you in our little Endorfino.

I look forward to seeing you!